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Consulting Services

The impact of your organization’s professional development programs depends upon how well learned practices and knowledge can be transferred and applied to the job. ESI works side-by-side with you using a strategic and comprehensive consultative approach to develop learning and support solutions based on your specific needs and challenges, and that meet your goals.

ESI’s Consulting Services

Assessments are an important part of the planning of your performance improvement program and are also valuable in demonstrating business impact and ROI. Whether you’re focusing on individual capabilities or measuring the knowledge and skills of your organization as a whole, ESI has assessment services to help you identify strengths and areas that need improvement. Choose from:

  • Individual Assessments - By assessing individual competencies, you can more effectively target your training efforts, set pre- and post-course benchmarks to measure success and determine areas in which performance improvement is necessary.
  • Organizational Assessments - By assessing organizational performance, you can ensure that you have the systems and processes in place to efficiently complete your projects on time and on budget while also identifying obstacles in the way of success.

Coaching Services provide reinforcement and added proficiency in the critical skills, processes, tools and behaviors learned in the classroom which makes for an easier and more complete transition to the workplace. Individual or team-based coaching also develops management and leadership confidence, which in turn enhances effective communication and collaboration skills.

Coaching Services delivery methods may include: 

  • Executive sessions
  • Targeted facilitations (in such areas as portfolio, risk management, or other areas)
  • Change management
  • Impact Workshops

Executive Sessions bring executives together to uncover the organizational and procedural issues impacting project, program and portfolio performance. ECG senior consultants guide the discussion and provide knowledge, insight and awareness as to how each executive can help create a successful environment for projects; and uncover how each can positively influence the outcomes of specific initiatives. Executive Sessions can also be conducted on any number of organizational topics of interest.

Impact Workshops are facilitator-led sessions that complement and reinforce professional skills learning and other professional development activities. During these highly interactive sessions, participants apply what they’ve learned in an ESI program, or through other sources, by producing real-world deliverables for real-world initiatives. Workshops are conducted on a wide variety of issues and topics and range in duration from a half day to more than three days, depending upon the topic and client objectives.

Agile Project Management is an approach that reaps substantial benefits in terms of time-to-market and customer satisfaction. ESI can help you assess the readiness of your organization using our proprietary toolkit and can guide the implementation of agile development and project management services with our expert coaching and mentoring. For example, ESI has conducted numerous Impact Workshops (see above) on “how to gather requirements in an agile environment” for the largest state government in the United States.

Troubled Project Recovery focuses on gaining benefit and value from a project that is missing the mark. Using ESI’s proprietary RAPREC™ model, our experts can pinpoint in short order the issues you face and help you develop a project recovery plan that is certain to work.

Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) has proven to increase project efficiency and productivity in many organizations. ESI can assess your current state of PPM and help develop a comprehensive portfolio management approach and structure as well as assist in tool selection for your organization.

Project /Program Management Offices (PMO) and Business Analysis Centers of Excellence (BACOE) provide centralized areas of expertise and greater efficiency and consistency in processes while supporting informed decision-making. ESI can help you to develop a PMO or BACOE as well as maximize the impact of your current implementation. Key areas for development are project and program management; business analysis; contract management competency; BACOE/PMO development; and performance improvement and establishment of best practices including methodology development.

Methodology Development, with its associated tools, techniques and process structure, embeds best practices into your operational practices. ESI can assess the current state of your process methodologies in project management, program management, business analysis and contract management and develop a roadmap for improvement.  Additionally, ESI has devised a proven approach for implementation – the most difficult aspect of methodology initiatives.

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